Salute Brick Oven Bistro

People Are Saying
Salutes menu reads like the shopping list a great Italian grandmother would carry on her way to haggle at the marketplace. Every Italian ingredient sings with authentic Old World flavors.
Trust us, Salute is one Italian bistro you'll want to include in your dining rotation. This is likely to become your new favorite... The stylishly rustic decor is a reflection of the equally stylish artisan cuisine.

Gerry Cerrigone, Salute Bistro
The feel of Salute takes you out of Montclair to a countryside osteria that you fell upon because you were lost admiring the countryside in Tuscany.


  • Mon: 4PM - 10PM
  • T-Th: 12PM - 10PM
  • Fri: 12PM - 12AM
  • Sat: 12PM - 12AM
  • Sun: 12PM - 9PM